Bogen 3039 version 5

Bogen 3039 3 way pan head with hexagonal Quick release.

This is not a common head, so all parts are not always in stock. USED parts are marked as USED, parts not marked as USED are new.

Bogen 3039 pan head

A1 1/4 Quick Release Plate
A2 3/8 Quick Release Plate
A3 1/4 Architectural Quick Release Plate
A4 1/4 Video Quick Release Plate
A5 1/4 Low Profile Quick Release Plate
A5 3/8 Low Profile Quick Release Plate
A6 1/4 QR Replacement Screw
A7 3/8 QR Replacement Screw

B1 QR Receiver & Ball Assy
B2 2 Way Bubble Level
C1 USED Locking Cam
C2 Return Spring
C3 QR Thumb Lever
C4 USED QR Locking Pin
C5 USED Pivot Screw
C6 QR Safety Latch
D Tilt Casting
E Tripod Base
F1 Middle Handle
F2 Bottom Handle
F3 Top Handle

Editors Notes: This is version 5 which has a QR safety latch added to the unit. We do not have any information or parts lists for any other versions. Please check parts carefully for match before ordering.