3046 Version Identification

There were other 3040 series tripods that use the same parts as the 3046. The 3046 is the tripod alone. The 3040 is the 3046 tripod and was sold with the 3047 head attached. The 3043 was sold with the 3028 head attached.

There are at least 5 different 3046 tripod versions that we identify for parts. We stock some parts but because this head has versions that can be nearly 40 years old we cannot support all versions. The differences are show below.

Crank Handles

Early versions used a dull grey crank that had a gear that was parrallel to the crank shaft and had an attached spring. Later models went to a perpendicular gear, without a spring. These versions are not interchangeable or re-fitable. The early version cranks are the most commonly broken part and therefor the hardest part to get.

Center Column Shape

The early versions had a circular, round center column diameter. The later versions have a 6 sided, 3 flat and 3 round sides on them. These center column are not interchangeable, unless you also change the main casting, which also had variations.

Main Casting Assembly

The difference here is to accomodate the round or 6-sided center columns, and the upper legs with hidden attachment bolts or exposed bolts. The top plates (shown here) have different sized holes and the six-sided top palte and main casting both use guide shims to help the center column along.

Lower Leg Assembly

There were versions, or sub-versions that were sold that had the upper, bi-tube leg with a single extending tube. There was an extension made that would allow you to add a third leg tube for extended height. So, some versions of the 3046 had one leg tube and others had the extension already attached.

Black Or Silver Color

So, generally speaking, the 3046 tripods were available in silver or black.
The black were numbered as 3246. The tripod versions have the same parts between silver or black. The only real difference is the color of the leg tube and center column. The leg locks, flips levers and main castings are generally the same. At this time we do not have a version 1 3246. So if you need a center column or leg tube, you can use the 3046, the parts will have to be silver.