Bogen 3047 version 1

Bogen 3047 head with hexagonal style Quick release.

USED parts are marked as USED, parts not marked as USED are new.


A1 Quick Release Plate with 1/4-20 Screw
A2 Quick Release Plate with 3/8 Screw
A3 No Rotate QR Plate with 1/4-20 Screw
A4 VHS Quick Release Plate with 1/4 Screw
A5 1/4 Thumbscrew
A6 3/8 Thumbscrew
A7 Flat Bottom Plate with 1/4 Screw
A8 Flat Bottom Plate with 3/8 Screw
A9 1/4 Low Profile Screw
B1 Locking Cam
B2 Return Spring
B3 Pivot Screw
B4 USED QR Locking Pin
B5 QR Thumb Lever
C1 USED Short Handle
C2 USED Middle Handle
C3 USED Long Handle
C4 Replacement Handle Set
D QR Receiver Plate
E Pan Casting
F Main Casting
G Tripod Base

Editors Notes: This is version 4. We do not have any information or parts lists for any other versions. Please check parts carefully for match before ordering.