Bogen 3246 version 5

Bogen 3246 black leg version
Also called 3046 for silver leg version
All parts supplied are for the black tripods unless otherwise noted. USED parts are marked as USED, parts not marked as USED are new.

A1 USED 6 Sided Center Column
A2 Center Column Cap
A3 Center Column Grub Screw
A3 Center Column Grub Screw - 5 Pack

B1 USED Main Casting
B2 Main Casting Cover
B3 Center Column Lock Knob
B4 Bubble Level
B5 Center Column Crank
B6 Center Column Gear
B7 Center Column Shim Set

C1 USED Leg Axle
C2 USED Upper Leg Assembly
C3 Leg Locking Knob & Key
C4 USED Middle Extension Tube (not in stock)
C5 Single Tube End Cap
C5 5 Pack - Tube End Caps
C6 Extension Leg Lock Collar
C7 USED Lower Leg Tube with Foot (not in stock)
C8 Spike Foot Only

D1 Leg Spider
D2 USED Center Column Guide Tube
D3 USED Gube Tube Bezel

Editors Notes: The main casting parts and leg braces are NOT interchangeable with later models. The upper leg assembly has variants where the axle bolts are hidden: these parts are not interchangeable between models. Center Column crank is only compatible with the older model.